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Huanyu Adult Daily English Course

Our adult English courses are designed to help students who have settled in Canada and hope to communicate in English in their daily lives. Most of the students have insufficient grammar knowledge, lack of vocabulary, and poor listening skills . They can only use simple words as a unit to communicate in listening and speaking. Therefore, our adult English course will help you to accumulate vocabulary necessary for life and explain basic grammar knowledge. At the same time, our vocabulary and grammar teaching is integrated into listening/speaking/reading to provide students with an effective and correct language background when learning vocabulary and grammar. Our courses will also thematicize daily life in Canada, so that students can learn more about the local life and culture of Canada while learning the language. In addition, we will also encourage students to go out of class and use English correctly and completely in real life situations.

​Adult Survival English Class

  • ​Suitable for the crowd : students who have a certain English foundation and want to be able to communicate in English independently in daily life

  • SES arrangements: Every Monday, Wednesday, 2.5 hours each lesson

90-day vocabulary and grammar leap class

  • ​Suitable for the crowd : students with weak English foundation, low vocabulary, and lack of grammar knowledge

  • SES arrangements: Every Tuesday, Thursday and two hours each lesson

adult english
周一,三 12:00 ~ 14:30
周二,四 12:00 ~ 14:00
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