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AP Calculus Calculus

  • What is AP Calculus?

AP Calculus is divided into two courses: AP Calculus AB and AP CalculusBC. Among them, AP Calculus AB is relatively simple.

​The AP Calculus AB course is roughly equivalent to the first-year university calculus course. It mainly covers basic concepts such as limit, reciprocal, integral concepts and techniques, and the basic theorem of calculus. This course focuses on practical applications, and will focus on how to use integral tools to solve problems in life, such as calculating growth rate, volume of rotating body, acceleration, and so on.

​The school currently offers AP Calculus AB courses.

  • Why study AP Calculus?

​Calculus courses are compulsory courses for universities in science and engineering, economics, business, computer and other majors, and these courses are the key majors that most Chinese students apply for. The importance of calculus courses is self-evident. The completion of this course early in the high school stage will help students choose their target major early.

​This course can be exchanged for one to two credits according to different universities.

  • Suitable for the crowd & prerequisite courses:

Students of grade G11 and above can take this course as an elective.

Prerequisites: ​It is recommended to complete Pre-calculus 12.

​Credit transfer information of some prestigious schools

AP Calculus AB
Western University
Calculus 1000a/b (0.5 credit)
Univeristy of Victoria
MATH 100 (1.5 credits)
MATH 151 (3 credits)
University of Waterloo
MATH 127(0.5 credit)
McGill University
MATH140 (3 credits)
Queen's University
MATH123 (3 credits)
University of Toronto
no credit
MATH 100 (3 credits)

​Note: The specific information is subject to the information on the official website of each school.

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