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AP Chemistry

  • What is AP Chemistry?

AP Chemistry mainly covers physical chemistry and a small part of inorganic chemistry. It examines students' understanding of chemistry and chemical reaction principles. It mainly covers the following knowledge points:

1. Atomic structure

2. Intermolecular force & molecular bond

3. Chemical reaction

4. Kinetics, thermodynamics

5. Chemical balance, etc.

​Through the study of AP Chemistry, students can lay a good foundation for the second-year chemistry courses of the university.

  • Suitable for the crowd & prerequisite courses:

Students of grade G11 and above can take this course as an elective.

Prerequisites : It is recommended to complete Chemistry 12.

Credit conversion information of some famous schools

替代课程/Course Granted
Western University
替代CHEM1301a(0.5 credit) & CHEM1302b(0.5 credit)
Univeristy of Victoria
CHEM101 (1.5 credits) & CHEM102 (1.5 credits)
CHEM121 (4 credits), CHEM122 (2 credits)
University of Waterloo
CHEM120&120 lab + CHEM123&123 lab (1.5 credits)
McGill University
替代 CHEM110&CHEM120 (8 credits)
Queen's University
6 credits (Engineering专业除外)
University of Toronto
1 credit (equivalent of CHM135H1)
替代 CHEM121 (4 credits)

​Note: The information is subject to the official website information of each school.

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