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AP Physics

  • What is AP Physics?

AP Physics is divided into two parts: Physics 1 and Physics 2. Physics 1 is equivalent to a physics course in the first semester of the first year of a university. It is based on algebra and includes basic knowledge of Newtonian mechanics, basic circuits, and mechanical waves. Physics 2 is equivalent to the second semester of the first-year university. Knowledge points include electromagnetics, fluids, optics, thermodynamics, etc.

  • Suitable for the crowd & prerequisite courses:

Students of grade G11 and above can take this course as an elective.

Prerequisites : It is recommended to complete Pyhsics 12.

​Credit transfer information for each campus

AP Physics 1
Western University
PHY1028a(0.5 credit)
需完成AP PHY2 才可换取PHY102A+PHY102B两门课学分 共1 credit
Univeristy of Victoria
PHY102(1.5 credit)
需完成AP PHY2 才可换取PHY102a+PHY102b两门课学分 共3 credits
PHYS 100 (3 credits)
University of Waterloo
PHYS 111 & 111L (0.75 units)
McGill University
0.5 credit
需完成AP PHY2 才可换取PHYS101+PHYS102两门课学分 共8credits
Queen's University
3 credits
University of Toronto
PHY 1st-year level (0.5 credit)
no credits

​Note: The information is subject to the official website information of each school.

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