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AP Statistics

What is AP Statistics?
AP Statistics is equivalent to a first-year university statistics course. The AP Statistics course does not focus on specific mathematical calculations.
It is the understanding and interpretation of concepts. This course introduces students to statistics, which mainly includes four major sections: data analysis (accounting for 20%-30% of the exam); experiment design (accounting for 10%-15% of the exam); probability theory, including predicting data distribution ( Accounted for 20%-30% of the exam); inferential statistics, confidence interval, significant difference (accounted for 30%-

Why study AP Statistics?
Statistics are widely used in science, engineering, liberal arts, and class. AP statistics is equivalent to university introductory statistics,
No matter what major the university will study, whether it is a natural science major or a social science major, as long as the subject needs to deal with data and information, it cannot do without the help of statistics. It can be said that statistics is the well-deserved first major supplementary course.

Suitable for the crowd & Prerequisites:
Students above grade G10 can take this course as an elective.
Prerequisites: None. It is recommended that students have certain mathematical ability.

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