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Written Interview Course for Global Citizen Naturalization

This course is a counseling course designed for taking the written test and interview for Canadian citizenship after submitting the Canadian citizenship form. The course combines internal self-developed teaching materials and the latest exercise question bank to fully summarize the "Discover Canada" Canadian constitution, history, culture, geography, government and other knowledge. Divided chapters to focus on explanations and real exercises to prepare for the written test. In addition, the course will also cover the full-real simulation exercises of interview oral English. After taking this course, the passing rate of the written test for naturalization of students is 100%!

Suitable for the crowd:

  • Students who have already submitted an application for Canadian citizenship, but have not started reading and reviewing after being notified of the interview

Class schedule :

  • 2 lessons per week, each lesson lasts 2 hours, a total of 5 weeks/10 times

  • ​Receive the test notice temporarily, you can book one-on-one assault classes

Course content:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of "Discover Canada" exam knowledge points, Chinese and English translation, mark the content of the common exam and key people, circle the exam points, eliminate the content of the exam, and read the book carefully.

  • Exclusive simulated test training, written test must be passed!

  • Interview counseling with all English dialogues, pointing out questions and tailoring appropriate answers

  • Unlimited number of repeated exercises in the school’s exclusive question bank

  • ​Senior teacher WeChat group answers questions at any time

Discover Canada 公民入籍班
周二,四 12:30 ~ 14:30
Discover Canada公民入籍 VIP班
Discover Canada 公民入籍班
周二,四 12:00 ~ 14:00

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