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Canadian Naturalization English CELPIP 4

Immigration English CELPIP 7

class time:

CELPIP 4+ : Two classes a week (3 hours per day) / VIP one-to-one class

Richmond campus:

Session 1: Monday and Wednesday 9:15am-12:15pm

Session 2: Monday and Wednesday 1pm- 4pm

Vancouver campus:

​Tuesday and Thursday morning 9:30am-12:30pm


Sunday 11-5pm ( Speaking + Writing + Reading + Listening)

Target of enrollment:

Students who are preparing to submit a naturalization form without a language certificate are used as extra points for immigration and do not want to take the IELTS test.


CELPIP is a certificate of language proficiency recognized by the Department of Immigration. The scope of the test is biased towards the field of daily life in Canada. It has the characteristics of "easy to prepare, quick scores, easy to get high scores, and more points". The General category is suitable for applying for Canadian immigration. The test content includes listening, speaking, reading and writing. ; LS category, used to apply for naturalization qualifications, the content of the examination is listening and speaking. The whole set of exams are all computer-based exams, with multiple-choice questions.

CELPIP's advantages:

CELPIP scores are divided into twelve levels, which correspond to the Canadian Language Benchmarks required for immigration and naturalization, and have higher points in the immigration bonus system. For example, CLB 8 = CELPIP 8 = Express Entry bonus points system 23 points, and the equivalent IELTS 7 points only 17 points. The content of the CELPIP exam is close to daily life in Canada, with less difficulty in preparation, and all exams are computer-based, with automatic spelling correction during the writing process, which is more suitable for candidates who are not good at word spelling and who are not good at communicating with others.

Course content:

· Comprehensively and systematically understand the CELPIP exam model, question types, and scoring standards, and quickly become familiar with the content of the exam.

· In-depth analysis of the key points and difficulties of the four subjects of listening, speaking, reading and writing (for immigrants) or listening and speaking (for naturalization), consolidate and strengthen, and make breakthroughs in key points.

· Modular teaching, comprehensive coverage of various question types and problem-solving skills of CELPIP

· Rehearse and explain the latest CELPIP exam questions and exclusive review preparation materials.

Citizenship course

(100% pass, otherwise refund)

Class time :

Two classes a week (2 hours per day)/VIP one-to-one intensive course

Lectures on Tuesday and Thursday 12:00-2:00pm

​VIP 1on1 requires advance reservation

Target of enrollment:

Students who have already submitted an application for Canadian citizenship, but have not started reading and reviewing after being notified of the interview

Introduction :

After submitting the Canadian naturalization form, there will be a targeted course for the citizenship written test and interview. Combining the internal self-developed teaching materials and the latest exercise question bank, a complete summary of "Discover Canada" Canadian constitution, history, culture, geography, government and other knowledge. Divided chapters to focus on explanations and real exercises to prepare for the written test. In addition, the course will also cover the full-real simulation exercises of interview oral English.

Course content:

-Comprehensively understand the test knowledge points of <Discover Canada>, Chinese and English translation, and mark the content of the common test and key figures.

-Realistic simulation test training

-One-on-one interview counseling with full English dialogues, pointing out questions and tailoring appropriate answers

Adult Daily English Conversation Class

class time:

2.3 lessons per week (2.5 hours per day)

Monday and Wednesday 12:00-2:30pm

Target of enrollment:

New immigrant adults who want to learn basic daily English, students who want to quickly integrate into Canadian life.

Course content:

A senior English teacher divides all scenes of life, study, and work in native English-speaking countries into 80 topics, and teaches the extended vocabulary and grammar knowledge by correspondence. Help adult students to quickly integrate into Canadian society. After the course, each candidate is proficient in listening and speaking topics in various life and work scenarios in Canada, and is proficient in communicating with locals.


IELTS G sprint class

class time:

Every Monday to Thursday 3:00-6:00pm

Sunday 11:00 am-5:00 pm

Enrollment target: for students who need IELTS scores for immigrants or citizenship

Course content:

Experienced IELTS teachers, for exam enhancement, and for candidates, successfully assisted in passing CLB-5, CLB-7 or CLB-9. Experienced teachers teach face-to-face examination skills to quickly improve the English level of candidates.


LPI Real Estate Brokerage 4 Division

class time:

Monday to Friday: Flexible arrangement of one-to-one course time

Monday to Friday: Class opening orders for two or more students set class time

Course content:

The LPI exam training is specifically for students who need to pass the English test to obtain a real estate broker license. According to the students' own situation, teachers who have been teaching for many years will provide detailed professional small-class tutoring to help students pass the exam smoothly.

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