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​ About Vanperpetual Since 2012

【Introduction to Huanyu Education:】

Founded in 2012, Canada Universe Education is a private training and education institution registered and certified in BC, Canada. It is located in West Vancouver, Richmond and South Surrey in Metro Vancouver. The teaching quality of teachers is supervised and recognized by the education department.

Huanyu College of English is a school with many years of rich teaching experience. Provide IELTS IELTS, Adult Daily English, CEEP English, Grade 12 English, SAT/SSAT, GMAT, GRE, citizenship test, high school general tuition (mathematics, physics, biochemistry, sociology, economics, geography and history and other subjects), general AP, Training courses such as ESL/ELL, French, and gun card hunting courses. Our school provides online and offline courses. We are proficient in planning/application/supervision of famous universities in North America and truly achieve one-stop and all-round teaching services.

The college will tailor a suitable study plan according to the actual situation of the students, and has enabled countless students to achieve their dreams. Not only that, Universe also provides students with thoughtful academic consulting services, professional course training, application for various schools in the United States and Canada, Canadian visa processing and other one-stop services, which are well received by students.

【Characteristics of Huanyu Education:】

  • ​Universal Education has the most complete subject tutoring, three campuses, and a mature online teaching platform, which truly provides one-stop service for every student.

  • ​Universal Education has a wealth of experience in planning and application for North American universities. Every year, it helps hundreds of students to be successfully admitted by the ideal university.

  • Huanyu Education implements small-class teaching to ensure the quality of classroom teaching and ensure that each student has enough opportunities to understand and digest the content of the classroom. The perfect student supervision system ensures continuous progress of students.

  • Huanyu Education makes a study plan for every student, sets goals, improves learning motivation, chooses the right university for you, and plans a better life.

  • Huanyu Education provides planning immigration and work programs

  • Huanyu Education also provides one-stop services for all types of visas

[Message from the Principal] How to choose an education and training institution?

There are many IELTS training schools in Vancouver. The large IELTS schools have hundreds of students, and the small ones have only one teacher to teach a few students. Whether it is big or small, the quality of IELTS teaching is the key, and whether it is suitable for you is the key. It is recommended that you visit various IELTS in person, and it is better to have a trial at CELPIP. The teaching methods of IELTS and CELPIP courses at Universe English Academy are very unique. Huanyu not only teaches IELTS test skills, but also pays more attention to the improvement of basic English and language skills. Huanyu College adopts a Chinese-foreign combination model, Chinese teachers teach IELTS skills, and local foreign teachers teach IELTS speaking and writing, so that IELTS students can receive the training of language skills and IELTS test training to the greatest extent, which is conducive to students most effectively in a short period of time Improve English proficiency and obtain good IELTS test scores.

From the perspective of improving basic English knowledge, Huanyu English Academy first helps students lay a solid grammatical foundation. At the same time, learning word formation can help students quickly expand their IELTS vocabulary. After the foundation is firmly established, you can enter the next stage of IELTS enhancement, which is the study of IELTS reading and IELTS listening. After such a systematic IELTS training, students can draw inferences from one another and use them flexibly in the IELTS field. Secondly, as far as IELTS reading and IELTS listening are concerned, although there are indeed skills to speak of, all IELTS test skills are actually based on a solid English foundation.​​​

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