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High school subject provincial examination writing course


-Social Study 10-11

​-English 12 Provincial Exam

Small class teaching, according to the different situations of students, develop a perfect teaching method. All teachers are equipped with long-term local School Board teaching experience, proficient in the content of provincial exams and the latest developments. It really helps students improve quickly, and timely corrects the big gap between their usual scores and provincial test scores. Help candidates successfully apply for the ideal university to lay the foundation.

Canadian secondary school exam-oriented courses

Secondary school mathematics, physics and chemistry after-school tuition course

-Mathematics -Chemistry -Biology

-Social Study -Physics -Science 10

-History -Economics -Mandarin

-Pre- Calculus 12

The science courses of Huanyu local middle school are lectured by professors with rich experience in scientific research and teaching, and related examination skills and difficulties. Strive to give students a complete summary, association and promotion to get a clear concept, and counseling varies from person to person, and special exercises to help break through. Cultivate students' rigorous and concise way of thinking and quick problem-solving skills. It not only helps them achieve their goal of pursuing excellence, but also lays a foundation for them to face challenges with confidence, solid and effective learning methods in the future.


SAT/SSAT tutoring class

Set up small class tutoring, or one-on-one, one-to-two VIP tutoring, taught by experienced local teachers, starting from the basic knowledge of each subject, analyzing real questions and examination skills, combining simulation exercises, solving problems and answering questions, breaking through bottlenecks, and helping students get Ideal grades.

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