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AP Biology

  • What is AP Biology?

AP Biology is a university-based biology course. Through this course, students can develop their understanding of biology based on the form of inquiry and investigation. This course mainly discusses the following topics: evolution, cell transformation (energy conversion, communication between cells), genetics, information transmission, ecology, interaction, etc.

  • ​Why study AP Biology?

AP Biology is equivalent to a first-year university (100 level) biology course. Generally, 8 credits (two courses) can be exchanged in universities, and some universities can even convert up to 12 credits (3 courses).

Secondly, AP Biology has greatly reduced the degree of difficulty compared to the first-year university biology courses . Biology often needs to grasp every aspect of the details. After entering the second year of university, the biology learning will go from complex to simple, from more to more refined. The freshman biology curriculum is cumbersome and has no focus. The AP Biology course condenses the freshman 2~3 courses into one, and talks about cells, plants, chemistry, and anatomy into a whole learning system from the macro to the micro, avoiding repeated detailed inspections and focusing on the study of a large framework. Thus, after entering the university, students can directly conduct research in line with their target professional direction.

  • Suitable for the crowd & prerequisite courses:

Students of grade G11 and above can take this course as an elective.

Prerequisite courses : It is recommended to take one of Biology11 or Biology12; Chemistry11.

It is recommended to repair Chemistry12 at the same time as AP Biology.

Credit conversion information of some famous schools

可替代课程/Course Granted
Western University
BIOL1001a(0.5 credit) & BIOL1002b(0.5 credit)
Univeristy of Victoria
BIOL184(1.5credits) & BIOL186(1.5credits)
BISC100(4 credits), BISC101(4 credits), BISC102(4 credits)
University of Waterloo
BIOL239&130L(0.75 credits)
McGill University
BIOL102 (3 credits)
Queen's University
BIOL102 (3 credits), BIOL102(3 credits)
University of Toronto
0.5 credit (equivalent of BIO130H1)
BIOL 1st-year course( 8 credits) *BIOL111/121/140

​Note: The information is subject to the official website information of each school.

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