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AP Computer Science

  • What is AP Computer Science A?

AP Computer Science is divided into two courses: AP Computer Science A (AP CSA) and AP Computer Science Principles (AP CPS). This school year, our school provides AP Computer Science A.

AP CSA is equivalent to the first semester of a first-year computer course. This course introduces students to computer science, including problem solving, design strategies and methods, data organization (data structure), methods of processing data (algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social impact of computing . This course uses the Java language to solve and design object-oriented and imperative problems. These technologies represent a proven method of developing solutions that can scale from small, simple problems to large, complex problems. AP computer science courses are compatible with the CS1 courses of many colleges and universities.

  • ​Why study AP Computer Science?

With the continuous updating and popularization of computer technology, more and more Commerce, Science, Engineering and other majors require a certain degree of basic computer knowledge support.

​AP Computer Science is equivalent to one or two courses in the first year (100 level) of most universities, which can be exchanged for 4-8 credits.

  • Suitable for the crowd & prerequisite courses:

Students above grade G10 can take this course as an elective.

Prerequisites : None. It is recommended that students have good mathematical ability.

​In exchange for credits from some prestigious schools

AP Computer Science
Western University
Computer Science 1026a/b (0.5)
Univeristy of Victoria
CSC110 (1.5 credits)
CMPT 120 (3 credits), CMPT 1XX (3 credits)
University of Waterloo
0.5 credit
McGill University
COMP 202 (3 credits)
Queen's University
CSC121 (3 credits)
University of Toronto
CSC 1st-year level (0.5 credit)
CPSC 1st-year level (3 credits)

​Note: The specific information is subject to the information on the official website of each school.

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