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AP Psychology

  • What is AP Psychology?

AP Psychology is a course that exposes students to systematic, scientific, and research on human behavior and cognitive processes. AP psychology mainly involves four major sections : developmental psychology, psychodynamics, psychoanalysis, and animal psychology. Students can study and apply psychological theories and knowledge in related fields, such as studying human behavior, perception and brain cognition from a biological perspective; social psychology and individual differences. Through the AP Psychology course, students will also learn how to apply psychology research methods (including the understanding of moral values) and scientific verification methods to the evaluation and effective communication of various viewpoints.

  • Why AP Psychology?

AP psychology is equivalent to the basic course of the first year of university, and it also lays the knowledge foundation for students in up to 60 majors in the university (for example: neuroscience, journalism, advertising, education, linguistics, anthropology, etc.).

​In addition, AP Psychology allows students to better understand the behavior and psychological processes of themselves, others, and even animals. This makes AP Psychology one of the most popular courses in 37 AP courses.

  • Suitable for the crowd & prerequisite courses:

Students of grade G11 and above can take this course as an elective.

Prerequisites : It is recommended that students have good English reading and writing skills.

​In exchange for credits from some prestigious schools

可替代课程/Course Granted
Western University
PSY1000 (1.0 credit)
Univeristy of Victoria
PSYC 100A (1.5 credits) & PSYC 100B (1.5 credits)
PSYC 100 (3 credits), PSYC 102 (3 credits)
University of Waterloo
PSYCH 101 (0.5 credit)
McGill University
PSY100 (3 credits)
Queen's University
PSYC1 UNS (6 credits)
University of Toronto
0.5 credit
PSYC 100 (6 credits)

​Note: The specific information is subject to the information on the official website of each school.

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