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 CLB English Course

The CELPIP test is the most officially recognized and authoritative language test in the field of Canadian immigration and naturalization. Because the content of the test focuses on the daily life in Canada, it presents the characteristics of "easy to prepare, quick scores, high scores, and more bonus points"; compared to the difficulty of the IELTS test and the length of the LINK course, CPE Therefore, the exam has become the first choice of most candidates due to its unique advantages.


There are two types of CELPIP exams: CELPIP G and CELPIP LS . Specifically, the G category is for the purpose of applying for Canadian immigration and the language test provided by the real estate agent, and its content involves listening, speaking, reading, and writing; while the LS category is specifically for applying for naturalization qualifications. The content of the test is divided into Listen and speak in two parts. The content of CELPIP’s exams is close to life. Compared with the academically good IELTS exam (not included in the naturalization language exam), there is less pressure to prepare for the exam. In addition, the main question type of the CELPIP exam is multiple-choice questions, which require relatively small vocabulary and grammar; even in the writing process, the computer-based test will provide automatic spelling error correction function, and candidates do not have to worry about word spelling. In addition, CELPIP’s test scores are divided into twelve levels, which correspond to the Canadian English language level required for immigration and naturalization, and have higher points in the immigration bonus system (CELPIP 8 is in the Express Entry system Add 23 points to IELTS, while 7 points for IELTS at the same level only add 17 points).

Whether it is immigration or naturalization, language proficiency is the key to bonus points . Because it is difficult to improve one's own academic qualifications and work experience in a short period of time, the importance of CELPIP's language test is self-evident.


English LS Class

Suitable for the crowd : students who are preparing to submit an application for naturalization without an English language certificate

​Course content :

​Target score: CLB 4 or above​ (Note: Please refer to this link for CLB conversion)


Immigration English Class G

​Suitable for the crowd :

. Local university graduates, used as the main scoring item for the language item (CLB 7+) for immigrating to Canada

. Candidates who plan to take the real estate brokerage license (CLB 7)

Course content:

​Target score: CLB 7 or above (please refer to this link for CLB level conversion)


​English Preparatory Course for Naturalization

​Suitable for the crowd : students who need a certificate of naturalization or immigration language, but poor English foundation

​Course content: From the two-pronged approach of grammar and vocabulary, quickly increase the production of 3000+ practical vocabulary, and be familiar with the application in English listening and speaking.

celpip LS
celpip G
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