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Huanyu Gun License Course:

  • The Canadian gun license is called Possession and Acquisition License, or PAL for short. To put it simply, it takes a short time to test a gun license in Canada, the cost is reasonable, and the process is simple. Canadian gun licenses are issued by RCMP to applicants who have passed the review and examination. Gun licenses can be divided into three types: unrestricted (long guns), restricted (short guns and various pistols, etc.), and prohibited levels (applicable only to Application for special personnel, such as defense personnel, etc.).

  • Who can test the gun license? For different groups of people, it is mainly divided into three categories:

  • Canadian residents 18 years of age or older

  • Non-Canadian residents 18 years or older (including international students, etc.)

  • 12 years old (or children under 12 years old in need)-17 years old individual

  • Features of Huanyu Gun Brand Course:

  • Lectures by RCMP Certified Examiner

  • Get both non-restricted (Canadian Firearms Safety Course) and restricted (Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course) courses at once

  • Can easily overcome language difficulties even if English is not good

  • 2 days to complete the training of long guns and short guns + practical exercises + exams

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