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"Universe South Surrey After School Care Service Chinese, Math"

  Hot enrollment!

1. Enrollment target: Grade 1-7 Grade

2. Custody time

Monday to Friday 3:00-6:00 pm (except legal holidays)

3. Course characteristics (Universe original creation)

Cultivate children’s good study habits from an early age, learn how to cooperate and communicate with others, broaden their children’s horizons in an all-round way, lay a solid foundation in Chinese and mathematics

4. Why choose hosting?

Solve the problem that parents are busy with work and have no time to take care of their children to develop study habits, while improving their Chinese and English skills, fostering independence, and improving their children’s teamwork ability

Global Tips: Why do children learn Chinese?


1. The need for communication between parents and children.

The descendants of the Chinese born here have become more and more difficult to keep communicating in Chinese at home since their children go to kindergarten. As their children get older, parents will find it increasingly difficult to ask their children to keep using Chinese frequently. In many cases Next you speak Chinese to him, and he will speak back to English with you. Some parents, especially those with good English, just let it go. As a result, many children grow up to become typical banana people. When a child enters adolescence and has a lot of confusion and temptations from the outside world, when he should communicate and discuss with his parents, he will give up communication because of the language barrier with the parents, which will affect the relationship between the parents and the child.

2. Enhance children's competitiveness.

Here is a little story. There is a mother who wants her child to learn Chinese, but the child has been very resistant and thinks it is unnecessary. One day, my mother took her child to buy a mobile phone and found that there were two salespersons, one Chinese and one Westerner. The very dramatic scene was that the Chinese salesperson needed to line up, and there were almost no people in the Western salesperson. This mother was with the child at the time. Say, look, if you don’t speak Chinese, your chances of making money will be much lower than others. Everyone should feel that in Metro Vancouver, it is more useful to speak Chinese than French. The influx of mainland immigrants has even affected the real estate market. It goes without saying that China’s influence in the world is growing, and there are more and more exchanges with Canada and other countries, and the resulting opportunities are also increasing. This includes all fields. Our children are better than other countries. Children in China have more opportunities and advantages to learn Chinese, and we should firmly grasp our inherent advantages and opportunities.

3. A tool to experience Chinese culture.

Even if our child was born and raised in Canada, his eating habits must have Chinese elements. Food is an important part of culture. We take the children back to China for a trip to eat. If the children do not speak Chinese, one of the dishes on the menu is ants on the tree, and the other soup is pearl jade and white jade soup. He cannot understand the meaning and connection.

4. Develop the computational advantages of mathematics.

Since all numbers in Chinese pronunciation are single syllables, mental arithmetic in Chinese is much faster than other alphabetic characters. The most typical nine-nine-nine multiplication table, when children recite and use in Chinese, the calculation speed is much faster than that of Western children. Calculations are the foundation of mathematics. Children's four arithmetic operations in Chinese will greatly improve their mathematics scores in school and help them develop an advantage in mathematics subjects.

Action is not as good as heart

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