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SAT/SSAT breakthrough high score class

The full name of the SAT is the Scholastic Assessment Test, which is a high school academic ability assessment test hosted by the College Board of the United States. The test results are one of the important basis for students from the United States and other countries to apply for admission and scholarships in American universities . In addition to American universities, famous universities in other countries also refer to the SAT.

The SAT test is divided into two categories: SAT I and SAT II. Among them, the SAT I score is a unified requirement of all universities in the United States, with a full score of 1600 points. The SAT II needs to be selected according to the student's target university.

SAT I, also known as Reasoning Test , mainly examines Reading, Writing&Langauge grammar, and Mathematics three compulsory content, as well as Writing writing . The test duration is 3 hours and 50 minutes, and the specific time distribution of each subject is as follows:

1. Reading: 65 minutes;

2. Grammar Writing and Language: 35 minutes;

3. Mathematics: 80 minutes;

4. Writing: 50 minutes.

SATII is the Subject Test , which focuses on assessing students' knowledge and application ability in specific subjects. Disciplines include 22 subjects including literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Students can apply for 3 courses at a time.


SAT English & Mathematics

Course content:

  • Master the basic rules of grammar in the SAT, so as to break through grammar topics in a short time;

  • Understand the mathematical thinking in the SAT, master and apply mathematical tools to solve problems.

  • ​Through the explanation of reading skills and intensive exercises, students can make breakthroughs in reading comprehension and speed in a short time.

For the crowd:

  • Students in G10~G12 grades with study abroad plans who have not been exposed to SAT.


SAT English & Writing

Course content:​

  • ​Explain in-depth knowledge concepts and skills in the SAT, and be familiar with test-taking strategies;

  • ​Practice the key and difficult reading and grammar parts.

  • ​Analysis of topics, rhetoric and skills in high-scoring writing.

Suitable for the crowd :

  • Students in G10~G12 grades with a study abroad plan and a certain SAT foundation.

SAT English & Writing
周六 13:00 ~ 16:00
SAT Mathematics & English
周六 13:00 ~ 16:00
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